Langwith College

4th May 2012

Langwith College is located on our main Heslington campus and offers an ideal venue for summer schools, day meetings and conferences for up to 329. LN028 is a modern and sleek lecture theatre for up to 329. The seats can be retracted to create a large flat floored space which is suitable for sport and dance rehearsals, or for an event that requires a cabaret style layout. Langwith also has a smaller breakout rooms, making it perfect for summer schools.


Room Name Capacity Default Layout  
L/N/028 329 Tiered Lecture  Further Details
L/N/002 85 Theatre  Further Details
L/036 84 Theatre  Further Details
L/047 72 Theatre  Further Details
L/N/006 48 Theatre  Further Details
L/037 35 Theatre  Further Details
L/116 30 Theatre  Further Details
L/N/003 30 Theatre  Further Details
L/049 20 Boardroom  Further Details
L/N/007 16 Boardroom  Further Details
L/N/008 16 Boardroom  Further Details
L/119 16 Boardroom  Further Details
L/201 16 Boardroom  Further Details
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