Meeting Room Layout



  • Seating around three sides of the room – good for presentations from the front
  • Square layout conducive to discussion
  • Presentation space in the middle of the room

Boardroom Style


  • Centrally located table
  • Ideal for debate and discussion
  • Popular for smaller meetings

Theatre Style


  • Used for product lunches, presentations and displays
  • Used to present to large numbers of delegates
  • Can also be known as 'tiered' with seating rising towards the back of room

Classroom Style


  • Used to present to small to medium sized groups
  • Delegates (in ones or twos) have own workspace
  • Ideal for testing and individual training

Herringbone Classroom Style


  • Tables angled towards centre
  • Allows more discussion than an ordinary classroom layout

Cabaret Style


  • All delegates facing front-centre on round tables
  • Ideal for small-group work

Circle of Chairs


  • Chairs laid out in a semi circle around the room
  • Ideal for group discussion or debate

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