Elysia – Routines

I have never worked from home before so I was quite looking forward to it originally; the lie ins, working in PJ’s and all of the cups of teas just a few steps away, however, a week in and it turns out I haven’t done any of these yet. 

I am such a routine person so getting into a routine straight away kind of took control over what I initially intended would happen. Each morning I am up at 7am for a morning workout or walk, I am wearing proper clothes !! (and even wearing make up which I don’t even do normally) and I am trying to stick to my usual eating habits (with an extra biscuit here and there), turns out the office life really does make an impact.

I am quite proud to say that so far I haven’t come across many hurdles. If I had to pick one which I think will start to take toll is not actually working with people physically. Our team is very good at ensuring that we are still communicating a lot and having a set meeting everyday in the afternoon really helps, but it still isn’t the same as being around bodies. I am excited for this.

I think a key aspect of a good working environment is ensuring that your working area is personalised. At work we all have personal touches on our desk and I definitely wanted to try and replicate this at home. Although I don’t have my tally chart of my different variations of names and my Disney touches, I did bring home my ‘go-to’ pen, mouse mat and water bottle for my ‘portions of water’ (I’m not weird, this is an inside joke) It’s hard to know when we will be back to normal, but when we are, we will all appreciate work so much more.