Fran – Home office wizard

I was anxious about working from home as I’m a routine-girl… I like to have a pattern to my day! However, day 2 and it’s going OK…. Day 1 could have been better from an IT point of view, with my Uni laptop having a mind of it’s own and wiping off software randomly, but today is a better day!

I have my office looking out of a front bedroom window and have seen SO many people going out for their allotted walk – lots of dog walkers and joggers – all observing the rules of the 2m apart! I have attended a few virtual meetings which have been more straightforward than I anticipated and in fact now feel quite normal – scary how quickly that happened!

and testing out Hangouts - I had a meeting with myself!
Testing out Hangouts – I had a meeting with myself!

I didn’t have enough cups of tea yesterday – in our office we have a regular round about every 30 minutes, I think I had two cups all day!I have elderly neighbours and seen their daughter come but only stay about 5 mins, dropping off provisions, it’s so sad to think of them on their own, but they’re staying safe! I brought home the contents on my filing cabinet that need sorting out – they’re still in the boot of my car ATM (box broke en-route)

oh no…