Gina – New starter in a new world

Working from home is definitely not what I expected! 

I’m fairly new to my job and I was happy and excited that I could cycle to the office every morning especially after spending five months at home. I looked forward to spending a few hours with colleagues, and have some face to face conversations with them, which is quite new to me. Just as I am adapting to my new role of job and office culture and settling down, everything seems start changing again.

It was quite difficult the first few days working from home as I’m still in training and quite uncertain with many things about my work; my husband is having phone call meetings pretty much all the time, and my daughter is always try to get attention. Instead of stressing I decided the most efficient way to survive the working at home is not to stress and relax. I am still able to see my colleagues and talk to them on screen and we are getting round my training so it is slowly working out.

To some people, truly relaxing can be difficult, especially under this unexpected circumstance. I can’t change the situation I can control how I respond to the situation and I appreciate this is an opportunity to take a break from modern life and find a way to relish this time.