Jess: Missing the office

A lot like most people I have never worked from home before. I wanted to start off getting up at the same time, having a shower and getting ready for the day like I would normally. So far I have managed to do this but now wearing comfy clothes rather than my work uniform. 

The first day or two was okay, having my own space was great. However, now I am definitely starting to miss the office environment. It’s simple little things like having someone to talk to if you just shout up or if you have a question someone is always there to help. Having to call or message each other for answers is a bit hard to get used too.

This week both boys in my flat are also working from home and taking over the place so I have had to move my office set up each day which has also proved a struggle. Finding somewhere different and having to re-set up for work everyday can be frustrating.

However, I think I have now found my spot and as long as I have my cup of tea and the office girls only a phone call away to motivate each other then I am determined to get through this as a team.