London Film Music Orchestra

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what is London Film Music Orchestra?

The London Film Music Orchestra is an immersive tribute concert to Hans Zimmer and John William’s most iconic music with a live orchestra in a candle or moon-lit setting. Audiences experience the mesmerising music of the most iconic movie moments including: E.T, Indiana Jones, Harry Potter, Artificial Intelligence, A Prayer for Peace, Pearl Harbour, Gladiator, Superman Returns, Sayuri’s Theme, The Dark Knight, Batman V Superman, Man of Steel & Pirates of the Caribbean!

Where was it?

Held in our magnificent Central Hall, most commonly used for concerts, awards or graduation ceremonies, this event found its perfect venue at the University of York with the capacity of 1028 people. The benefit of holding a concert event at Central Hall, meant that unlike any other concert venue in the city centre, customers are able to park close to the venue for free! 

The choir and crew made use of their exclusive hire of the entire space as they were able to utilise the sound, lighting and PA system upon set up, as well as the backstage areas such as the green room and dressing rooms.