PROOF – York Creatives

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what is PROOF – York Creatives?

York Creatives believes York is an incredibly creative place, with plenty of ambitious, skilled practitioners creating a wide range of work.

They debuted PROOF, a new event series, featuring monthly collaborations between local creatives to showcase York’s creativity as a UNESCO City of Media Arts. Their goal was to ignite excitement and inspiration in the community through these dynamic displays of collaboration.

PROOF 01 unfolded at the historic Guildhall venue, showcasing powerful performances by Amy Thorpe and Quinn Richards alongside captivating music by Moongate. The show was meticulously crafted by the talented Luke Downing.

Where was it?

The event was held in the magnificent Main Hall at the Guildhall York. With its unique and historic features, the Main Hall provided the perfect backdrop for this special event.

York Conferences & Events team liaised with their technical teams to help bring live film, performance, and projections into the Guildhall’s historic Main Hall.

Our staff were on hand to help the event producers navigate the building and accommodate any last minute needs or changes.

Our Event Coordinator even went above and beyond to play a pivotal role in inviting the public into the space by sharing flyers and encouraging passers by to enter the Guildhall to experience the first of the ‘PROOF’ events.

Photographer: Ben Porter