Ignite Concerts

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what is Ignite Concerts?

Ignite Concerts, curated by Alistair Griffin and produced by the team who bring the Big Christmas Concert to York, bring audiences a captivating musical journey set amidst the enchanting ambiance of flickering candles.

To celebrate Valentine’s Day in 2024, the concerts showcased a romantic evening filled with enchanting love songs performed by the talented Ebor quartet, with special accompaniment by Alistair Griffin. The captivating performances and intimate setting created a magical atmosphere, making it a memorable and heartwarming event for all attendees.

Where was it?

The candlelit concert at the Guildhall, nestled in the heart of York city centre, was an enchanting and unforgettable evening. Surrounded by the venue’s rich history and breathtaking architecture, guests were immersed in a realm of unparalleled beauty and elegance.

The blend of historical charm and modern elegance in the Grade I, II*, and II listed buildings created a luxurious and charming atmosphere that perfectly complemented the romantic ambiance of the candlelit setting.

The addition of a mini bar further enhanced the evening, allowing participants to enjoy glasses of fizz while being serenaded in the soft glow of a thousand candles.

Our team of professional event coordinators were on-site at the event, diligently ensuring that every aspect of the evening flowed seamlessly.